Thursday, March 28, 2013

50 years of Porsche 911: Motorsports

50 years of 911 also add up to 50 years of highlights in racing. Revisit some of these magic moments in this video and join our celebration on Self population has not been intellectuals who can write their own story and the story was transmitted orally through songs and stories.This is the first evidence of the Albanian language and given from this area, "says historian Xhufti pigeon. Xhufti added that Albanians lie further north, and this is confirmed, according to him, the early photos from the bazaar of Sandzak, showing the Albanian highlanders. But unfortunately, he added, has occurred and continues to occur assimilation of Albanians launched from Bosnia, First evidence for Albanian. It is an event that occurs, it is determined which part of the road is done. There was a caravan of merchants from Ragusa (today Dubrovnik) who at some point were attacked by a population and when asked in court in Dobrovnik who attacked, dealer did not know anything else to say but says; 'I do not know, but I heard a voice in the mountain called in Albanian. But not historical facts and are absent for periods earlier than that of the League of Prizren.

Why has kept away Plava and Gucia story? "This is a deep area, as more remote areas. History of Albania has often pulsed in these remote mountain areas where the population has been stable population. But the stories that are written in this area, unfortunately, neither have entered into the pen of the historian. Here has passed a very important coming from Decani and hope to be done today, it would be a vital, just like the way they connect with the borders of that comes down to Shkodra. This path has been beaten in the Middle Ages and from it come to us very interesting evidence.